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Fostera Gold PCV from Zoetis is for the vaccination of healthy pigs 3 days of age or older against porcine circovirus 2 (PCV2). It contains PCV2a and PCV2b, and has been shown to be effective for the vaccination of healthy pigs against PCV2, including PCV2 viremia, shedding of virus in feces, lymphoid colonization and lymphoid depletion. 50ds 


  • Broader protection against quickly evolving PCV2.1 With two PCV2 genotypes, Fostera Gold PCV has the broadest antigenic coverage available of any PCV2 vaccine on the market.
  • Demonstrated safety and efficacy against common PCV2 strains. Fostera Gold PCV has demonstrated safety and protection against PCV2a and PCV2b; and in a study, protected against PCV2d.2-9
  • Long protection for pig health and your profitability. Fostera Gold PCV is the longest-lasting PCV2 vaccine with a duration of immunity (DOI) of at least 23 weeks. This length of coverage can help reduce the risk of late breaks near finishing.
  • A safe, smooth vaccine. Fostera Gold PCV was developed with the unique and smooth MetaStim® adjuvant that stimulates both cell-mediated and antibody-based immunity with minimal post-vaccination reactions.8
  • Continued productivity at the finishing stage. PCV2 virus change and depressed immunity are unwanted surprises in pork production, especially at the finishing stage, risking pig health and productivity as well as farm profitability.

Dosage & Administration:

Shake well.

Single-dose protocol: Administer a single 2-mL dose intramuscularly to healthy pigs 3 weeks of age or older.

Flexible, two-dose protocol: May also be given as two 1-mL doses administered intramuscularly three weeks apart to pigs 3 days of age* or older.

The optimal choice of the dosing regimen, including age at time of vaccination, will depend on farm circumstances.

*Field experience with PCV2 vaccines indicates waiting until 3 weeks of age to initiate a split-dose regimen may yield a better immune response, even though the vaccine is safe when given at a younger age.

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