First Arrival with Encrypt Supplement Packet : 800gm



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Feed supplement for newborn calves helps bolster the calf's developing immune system during its first 14 days of life. Easily digestible combination of targeted egg-yolk proteins, lactic-acid forming bacteria and unique carbon extract (EncryptTM) aids in combating 11 common pathogens that cause scours and malnutrition in the neonatal calf. In a recent study, herds feeding First Arrival as recommended decreased antibiotic therapy in calves by 60%. Black coloration of product turns manure dark gray, confirming calves are receiving treatment provided. Highly soluble and quick mixing. Each gm contains 15 million CFUs total lactic-acid bacteria. Contains no blood serum. Dosage: First 2 days, 10 gms/feeding twice daily. Mix with milk replacer, whole milk or colostrum. Days 3-14, 5 gms/feeding twice daily. 5 gm scoop included.

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