Fastdraw Soft Rodent Bait : 8 lb

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A revolutionary concept in rodenticide technology. It contains the active ingredient Difethialone, food-grade grains and oils, and has a unique no wax formula. FastDraw® pouches combine the bait integrity of mini-blocks with the money-saving, targeted dosing, of place packs. It is effective even in areas of infestation where competing food sources exist. FOB charges apply

Why wait for rodents to accept OTHER Baits?Draw a following of rodents with FastDraw!

  • Powerful Attraction: unique no wax formula, for maximum attraction to get infestations under control.

  • Convenient and Versatile: offers targeted dosing, with a 10-gram (0.35 oz.) easy-to-secure bait pouch, for challenging placements.

  • Outstanding Results: contains the single-feed, active ingredient difethialone formulated at 25PPM for superior palatability

    Features & Benefits:

    • Powerful Attractants – Gets infestations quickly under control
    • Convenience & Versatility – Perfect for challenging placements above clean-out pits and subfloors
    • Faster Results – Combines bait integrity of mini-blocks with money-saving, targeted dosing of place-packs
    • Maximum Attraction – Contains food-grade grains and oils and no wax – even with competing food sources nearby
    • “Draw” In Rodents – Aroma escapes through breathable pouch, encourages feeding
    • Works Quickly – Rodents generally accept within 24 hours; kills in 4-5 days
    • Can be baited directly on the vertical rods in bait stations

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