High Country Plastics EZ 300 Wheel Lock


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High Country Plastics EZ Wheel Lock keeps your unattended trailer safe with this aircraft-grade, lightweight aluminum constructed lock. It is strong and resists wear and corrosion. It works by locking onto the wheel of your trailer and effectively disabling that wheel. The wheel cannot be removed from the trailer without the key. EZ-300

The lock is recessed into the handle for greater security and can be installed and removed in seconds with the key. Cone style lug nuts and adapter key are provided with this lock. Cone style lug nuts can not be removed with a standard lug wrench. Plastic covers on the end of the clamps protect your rim against scuffs and scratches. Fits most 15", 205, 215, H78 wheels. Will fit some 13" and 14" wheels.

Dimensions: 15x10x4