Estrotect Breeding Indicators - Fuschia : 50ct


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Estrotect Breeding Indicators detect true standing heat with extreme accuracy. Improved timing increases pregnancy rates. Simple and clean application. Apply heat detectors prior to standing heat or when cows are given injections to synchronize their estrus. 50ct Fuschia

When cows are mounted during standing heat the scratch off surface of the detector is rubbed off exposing a brilliant red, fuchsia, green, yellow or blue signal layer underneath. Additional mountings result in increasing color exposure. You know exactly what's happening with no false readings.

Keep Heat Detectors Warm. The detector should be warmed to 100 degrees F or 38 degrees C immediately prior to application. This activates the adhesive and provides instant adhesion at lower temperatures. This can be done numerous ways including putting them next to your skin until they are soft and flexible. For large quantities, put the detectors in a small cooler with a hot water bottle or other heat source