McPherson Equine Dental Mouth Speculum



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The McPherson Equine Dental Speculum is a reinforced mouth speculum made of high quality stainless steel with improved cups, lower and upper jaws, and dual ratchets. The straps are made of 8 to 10 ounce latigo leather with nickel plated strap buckles. 

 OBJECTIVE:The mouth speculum safely holds an animal's mouth open and immobilized for extensive work while performing surgery, floating, or other oral dentition related problems.

APPLICATION:Place the assembled speculum in the animal's mouth and adjust the straps for a snug, but comfortable fit. Make sure the incisors fit inside the cups. Adjust the right and left jaws for correct open mouth width by adjusting the ratchets. If the animal is active, the head should be secured in a fashion where mobilization is minimal to prevent any harm to the animal or operator. When the procedure is completed, the speculum should be cleaned and dried well to extend the life of the instrument. Incisor bars are available as accessory items.