Equiderma Skin Lotion : 16oz

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Equiderma Skin Lotion is revered by equestrians worldwide. Our formula works like magic on rain rot, scratches, mallenders/sallenders, mane and tail itching, sweet itch (insect bite reactions), summer sores, dandruff, cannon bone, ear and face crud, midline belly scabbing, mystery hair loss, ringworm, and many other fungal or bacterial skin infections.

Ingredients if Equiderma Skin Lotion attack and kill all bacterial and fungal infections that cause most equine skin ailments.  Wash area thoroughly , be sure to remove all dirt from the affected area.  Rinse well and towel dry .  Apply Equiderma Skin Lotion to the affected are with a sponge or hand towel and leave on.

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Chlorhexidine, Lavendar Essential Oil, Trichloromethyl .006%

Skin Conditions that the lotion helps with: Cannon Crud, Mallenders and Sallenders, Neck Threadworm, Rain Rot, Dandruff & Mystery Hair Loss, Mane & Tail Itching and Rubbing, Ringworm, Scratches and Sweet Itch.