Castrator Emasculatome Burdizzo : 9"



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A heavy-duty burdizzo-style emasculatome for humane castration of livestock. Made with polished stainless steel pincher with cord stop for bloodless castration. Locks shut to reduce chances of opening. Made out of high quality forged steel. The safest, quickest, and cleanest, way to castrate livestock.  9" size

Castrator by severing the testicular cord without injury to the scrotum.Complete atrophy of testicles in about six weeks. It crushes the testicular cord, you must proceed with one cord at a time and make two crushes 1-2cm of distance.


It is important to remember that the spermatic cords must be crushed one side at a time. After restraining the animal, grab the scrotum and manipulate one of the testicles deep in the scrotal sac and find the spermatic cord. Place the clamp over the spermatic cord one-third of the way down the scrotum. Clamp down and hold for 15 to 20 seconds. Release the clamp, reposition it over the spermatic cord one-half inch lower and repeat the procedure. Perform the same steps on the other side to crush the other spermatic cord. Always check the position of the spermatic cord before and after each clamping to ensure no mistakes are made. With this method, the scrotal sac will not slough off but will remain on the animal. The testicles will atrophy.