Jorgy Elizabethan Soft E Collar Small/Medium J1003E : 20-30lbs



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Soft-E-Collar: The use of Elizabethan Collars is widespread in veterinary medicine. There have been a multitude of differend designs over the years. Traditional "E" collars have tried to balance the comfort of the patient versus the effectiveness of the "E" collar. The Soft-E-Collar was designed first and foremost for the comfort of the patient, yet it still is effective in offering licking and chewing protection. Clients like the attractive pattern along with the comftorable foam padding. Pets can move about freely without damaging furniture, and are able to eat and drink more freely than with traditional collars. The Soft-E-Collar is waterproof heavy nylon material that covers a soft foam doughnut-shaped ring. It is held in place by a strong, flat tie. J1003E Small/Medium weighs 7.0 oz Inside Ring Diameter is 16 1/2 inches with an adjustable tie that allows a leniency or snugness of an additional 5 inches. Dogs 20-30 NON-RETURNABLE Product if it has been put on an animal.