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The Eazi-Breed Cidr Sheep Insert is a convenient and effective method for inducing estrus in production animals.  Cidr Sheep Inserts contain the natural hormone progesterone.  Intra-vaginally placed Cidr's release progesterone at a controlled rate into the blood stream.

Induction of estrus in ewes(sheep) during seasonal anestrus. Provide an opportunity to induce a fertile estrus. In ewes that respond to treatment the onset of estrus generally occurs within 1 to 3 days after removal of the Eazi-Cidr Sheep Insert.

Bags contain 20 Cidr Sheep Inserts. 

Administer one Eazi-Breed Cirdr Sheep Insert per ewe for 5 days.

After insert removal, use standard flock breeding procedures to breed ewes at induced estrus.


1. Avoid contact with skin by wearing protective gloves when handling inserts.


2. Only use the specially designed EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert Applicator for administration.


3. Restrain ewes appropriately prior to administration.


4. Wash the applicator in a non-irritating antiseptic solution, and then apply a veterinary obstetrical lubricant to the end of the applicator.


5. Push the tail end of the EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert into the applicator taking care to assure the tail is extending upward through the slot of the applicator and is pointed away from the handle.


6. Fold the wings of the EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert to make it longer and continue to advance the insert into the applicator until it is fully seated with only the tips of the wings protruding from the end of the applicator (see Figure 1).


7. Lubricate the protruding tips of the wings of the EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert with veterinary obstetrical lubricant.


8. Clean the exterior of the vulva with disposable tissue.


9. Open the lips of the vulva and gently place the loaded applicator through the vulva. The slot in the applicator should face down (see Figure 2).


10. Once the loaded applicator is past the vulva slope the applicator slightly upwards (35 - 45° angle) by lowering the handle, and then forward, without forcing, until the applicator is fully inserted or resistance is felt (see Figure 3).


11. Squeeze the finger grips within the handle of the applicator to deposit the EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert in the anterior vagina (see Figure 4) and then pull the applicator backwards to remove it from the vagina.


12. With the EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert correctly placed, with the wings open in the anterior portion of the vagina, the tail of the insert should be visible, pointing downward from the vulva of the ewe.


1. Remove EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Inserts by pulling, gently but firmly, on the protruding nylon tail.


2. EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Inserts may reverse direction within the vagina; therefore, if the nylon tail of the insert is not visible on the day of removal, check the vagina to determine if an insert is present.


3. Used (removed) EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Inserts must be stored in a sealable container until disposed. Sealed bag/container with used EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Inserts must be properly disposed in accordance with applicable local, state and Federal regulations.
You May Notice a Clear, cloudy, yellow or bloody mucus on the outside of EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert when removed from ewes. The mucus may have an offensive odor. This is a result of mild irritation to the vaginal lining by the presence of the EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert, and generally clears between the time of removal and breeding. Such irritation does not affect fertility.
Do Not Use

- in ewes with abnormal, immature or infected genital tracts

- in ewes that have never lambed

- an insert more than once. To prevent the potential transmission of venereal and blood borne diseases the EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert should be disposed after a single use.


Storage: 20 to 25 degrees celcius or 68 to 77 degrees fahrenheit with excursions between 15 to 30 degrees celcius or 59 to 86 degrees fahrenheit.