Miracle Care Ear Powder R-7 24gm



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 R-7 Ear Powder for Dogs & Cats will remove excess hair and debris from ear canals, keep ears dry and reduce odor. For best results use prior to R-7 Ear Cleaner. The Ear Powder contains Rosin Grip to improve grip and reduce slip while cleaning their ears. It will help control the ear wax they may accumulate over time and best of all will help with their hearing as they get older in age.

This is safe and effective for all breeds and coat types, so it's perfect for multi-pet homes. 


  • Helps remove dirt
  • Debris from the ear canal
  • Cleaning pets ears
  • Reduces waxy build up


Zinc Oxide, Sliicon Dioxide, Methyl Salicylate, Rosin and Bentonite.


Puff R-7 Ear Powder into the ear canal and remove excess hair with forceps or tweezers. The powder contains Rosin Grip to improve the "grip" and reduce "slip" when removing hair from the ear canal.