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Dr Register Nia Plus is a liquid oral supplement for cows, sheep and goats that are low on energy or showing ketotic symptoms. Contains high levels of propylene glycol for energy and B Vitamins to stimulate appetite. Contains recommended levels of niacin for treatment of Drench symptoms. Niacin level minimum is 11,500 mg. All-natural, high energy nutrient supplement that provides propylene glycol, niacin and other B complex vitamins to maintain normal energy and vitamin levels before, during and after kidding. Helps get lactation started off in the right direction. Stays in suspension for easy and effective administration. Liquid form provides rapid absorption into digestive system.

Sheep and goats: Give 1 oz orally at first sign of lambing or kidding, and another 1 oz 6 to 12 hours after lambing or kidding. If first feeding is missed, a post-delivery feeding is still beneficial.

Dairy cattle: Give 200 ml orally at freshening. Repeat 6 to 12 hours post-calving and as needed. If first dose is missed, post-calving dose is still beneficial.

Using a drench gun, hold the head of the animal in a slightly elevated position and carefully place the nozzle into the back of the mouth between the cheek and teeth. Administer liquid. Do not give to animals that are unable to swallow.