Bock's Replacement Cutting Tube for Toggle Punch

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The Bock's replacement Cutting Tube is used with the Bock's Toggle Punch. To keep your toggle punch working like new it is recommended to replace the cutting tube once a year. Toggle Punch is used with the Dewlap Brisket tags.

Use the Toggle Punch for a quick and efficient way to finish off the tagging process. See also related products: Boc-Loc Tag Toggle Punch, Boc-Loc Tag Bending Tool, and Boc-Loc Tag Nylon Anvil.

Bocks Cattle Identi Co.-The most unique tag offered to cattlemen. Made of non-rigid plastic, it is the only truly permanent tag. Can be installed on a day old calf and never needs to be replaced. It's not unusual for the tag to last ten to twelve years per animal. The tag is located on the brisket, so is always visible and does not snag. The metal hasp is plastic coated to prevent infection.

 2 1/2 " H x 3"W

Easy to read numbers.     

Available in eight colors(blank or numbered)                     

White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Peach, Purple, Pink, or Light Green.

The tags are sold by the each.  You can have 1-3 numbers on the tags for the numbered price.  If you are going to have 4-5 numbers or initials on the tags then  additional charge apply.

If you are ordering #'d tags specify what numbers  you would like in the comment box.