Demotec 95 Special Resin Powder : 1KG

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Demotec® 95 is a special resin developed for treatment of lameness in cattle. This resin material has superior plasticity without being sticky and can be processed only a few seconds after mixing. Bonding a wooden block onto the good claw of a bovine hoof relieves pain and reduces lameness.  . Demotec 95 resin can also be used by veterinarians, horse owners and farriers for repairing numerous other hoof problems and for splintering pet fractures.

 The powder   should   be mixed according to instructions. Within two minutes a malleable paste will be formed which should be applied liberally onto both the sole of the claw and the wooden block.
Having pressed the block well onto the claw the surplus material should be quickly shaped round the sides of the claw and block as the paste will have set completely within 4 - 6 minutes. When cold it will withstand heavy loads.
To immobilize the affected claw completely, bond the diseased claw to the healthy claw - again with Demotec 90.
When working with the paste, soapy hands will prevent adhesion to the skin.
When the affected claw has been completely cured the wooden block can be removed using pincers, hammers or other suitable tools.

 35 ml of liquid should be measured and poured into a beaker, to which the contents of 70g of powder should be added. This should then be thoroughly mixed with the spatula provided. Within seconds, a putty-like malleable mass is produced which is easy to mould and which does not adhese to the hands. Applied directly to both the sole of the claw and wooden block the two are then bonded and the mass mouled round the join.