Rhinehart Electric Dehorner X30 Speciality with Tip : 3/8"



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Dehorn young calves and goats with ease, safe any time of the year with the Rhinehart X30 Dehorner. Tip dimensions inside 9/16", outside 13/16". 200watt, 100V AC.

Horn bud will drop off in 4-6 wks. No blood loss or severe shock during or after dehorning.


Place dehorner over the horn and rotate to make sure the high temperature is applied evenly to base of horn.


·        No blood loss or open wound

·        This electric dehorner maintains a steady temperature between 900 and 950 degrees

·        The X-30 recovers between applications in seconds, making it perfect for fast and easy use.

·        Perforated housing keeps handle cool. 200 Watt, 100 volt AC with 3 wire ground cord.

·        Works great on Standard Goat and Calves

Rhinehart X30 Dehorner

Owners Manual