Dairy Tech Perfect Udder Orange Narrow Esophageal Tubes : 400ct



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Dairy Tech Perfect Udder Feed tube benefit small calves. These  feeding tubes come with a smaller safety-bulb diameter that not only reduces esophageal irritation but still resists insertion into its windpipe/trachea. For this reason, Dairy Tech’s research and development team has produced an esophageal feeding tube specifically designed for calves weighing less than 66 lbs/30kg. Dairy Tech can proudly say that they are the only company in the WORLD to introduce a small calf esophageal feeding tube to the market that not only addresses these requirements but is disposable as well.

Perfect Udder Feeding Tube is designed specifically for use with all sizes of the Perfect Udder Colostrum Bags. Simple screw on esophageal tube to the Perfect Udder bag spout to administer colostrum to newborn calf. Basic esophageal feeding tube is 20-inches in length and recommended for calves weighing less than 66 pounds. It features a narrow safety bulb to reduce esophageal irritation—so you can tube small calves with ease. The Classic Perfect Udder esophageal feeding tube size large is 20-inches in length and recommended for calves weighing greater than 66 pounds. The safety-bulb tip design helps prevent injury and ensures proper placement.

Always perform with the calf sternal or standing in a corner. Thread the tube onto the Perfect Udder Bag. Kink the standard tubes to prevent the flow of colostrum until the tube is fully inserted into the calf. While placing tube, do not overextend the neck of the calf. Insert tube with head in a normal position. The bulb of the Perfect Udder tube is specially designed to resist entry into the trachea.
Palpate the neck of the calf as the tube is being inserted. Feeling the bulb passing under your fingers indicates proper placement of the tube. If there is any uncertainty, ask your veterinarian for training. Insert the full length of the tube until the cap is at the lips of the calf, then release clamp as necessary and raise bag to initiate flow.
Allow entire contents to quickly flow into the calf. When all flow has stopped, lower the head of the calf and remove the tube in a downward direction to prevent any spilling of colostrum at the trachea entrance.