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Aids in the treatment of lameness in cattle. CowSlips® are orthopedic shoes fitted to the healthy claw of the affected hoof, removing weight from the diseased or injured claw. The shoes are made by injection moulding from hard wearing recycled PVC. 5 right and 5 left.Suitable for:
Large / abnormal claws & N. American Holsteins  ORMD Product ,must ship UPS Ground.

They were designed and developed by a prominent veterinary surgeon and his team in the United Kingdom in 1991 and are being used extensively in many countries world-wideCowslips have been marketed in the U.S. by American Giltspur, Inc. since 1994, after university field trials and market feedback analysis. Made in the United Kingdom, Cowslips have received favorable reviews and commendations in several countries for outstanding contributions to the dairy industry.

The shoes are made by injection moulding from hard wearing recycled PVC. They are shaped to fit snugly over the cow's healthy claw where they are fixed in position with a fast cure adhesive. When the hoof is properly prepared and cleaned, the Cowslips will bond securely and quickly every time. The sole of the Cowslips has a non-slip latticed tread and is approximately 5/8" thick, sufficient to comfortably lift the damaged claw off the ground. The absence of the pressure on the damaged claw relieves pain and minimizes further trauma. Mobility is immediately improved and increases in milk yield is noted. The Cowslips remain in place an average of 4 to 6 weeks, but a few may remain longer. Usually the shoes are shed spontaneously when the natural oils of the hoof break the specially developed adhesive bond.

Additional features:

 -  designed as standard size, right and left fit

  -  fast curing adhesive is mixed in shoe permitting cleaner, 
     easier, faster application within minutes. Less restraint 
     time means less opportunity for stress and trauma to animal.

  -  packaged in self-contained boxes with 10 Cowslips,
     premeasured packages of fast-cure adhesive powder and liquid, 
     plus instructions

 -  cleaning and trimming of the healthy claw is desirable, and
    the strong adhesive and hoof-like design insures a secure fit

In all respects, Cowslips are the most effective and convenient method for treatment of claw disorders requiring weight relief and rest for the affected digit.

COWSLIPS:Developed in 1991 by veterinary surgeons in the United Kingdom 
Fitted to the healthy claw, thus taking weight off the
damaged claw 
Raised, non-slip latticed sole alleviates pressure and pain 
Mixing adhesive in shoe permits cleaner, easier,
faster application within minutes - Fast curing
adhesive provided 
Increases mobility thus improving milk yield or weight gain 
Standard size, right and left 
Self-shedding in 4 to 6 weeks 
Manufactured from recycled hard-wearing PVC
Available in boxes of 10
Used extensively in the U.S. and other countries worldwide

COWSLIPS PLUS:As a result of on-going veterinary research to assess the
 overall effectiveness of COWSLIPS as well as feedback
 from veterinary practitioners, professional hoof-trimmers
 and dairy producersm the company's veterinary research
 team has designed a longer COWSLIP to compliment the
 original COWSLIPS. Called COWSLIPS Plus they have
 all the same unique features and advantages of the current 
COWSLIPS with several enhancements:

1/2 inch longer sole to better enable the fitting of all
sizes of hooves 
Slightly forward tapered sole with approximately 1/8
inch increased depth at the heel. Recent studies at
the University of Zurich in Switzerland have shown
that a tapered sole wears more evenly and reduces
stress at the heel, taking the weight off the flexor
A slight 1mm wider 
Rounded rear inside edge of sole for increased cow
Available in boxes of 10 with fast-cure adhesive




   Trim and thoroughly clean the claw. Claw must be dry; wipe with 'Acetone' or 'Methylated Spirit'
  Trial fit the shoe before applying adhesive. Some trimming of the claw may be necessary.
  Thoroughly mix the adhesive within the shoe to achieve an even paste consistency.
  Fit the shoe on healthy claw.
Position firmly by tapping the toe of the shoe.This is important to achieve the ideal positioning. Sole of the shoe should be parallel to sole of claw.
  Clean off any excess adhesive.
  Leave foot in raised position for several minutes until adhesive has set.
  Place foot on ground and keep the animal standing for a few minutes.


Animal is now free to walk uninhibited.