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The improved Nordic Cow Lift is a lift used for cows that cannot stand up on their own anymore, such as right after giving birth. it is economical and durable, and is simple to use. Lightweight and self-locking, the lift tightens with a simple hand crank. The self-locking rings will not slip outward as you jack them inward. Beam hook sold separately.

Useful for everything from post-parturient paresis, down cow, and prolapsed uterus to surgery restraint, generalized weakness, obturator paralysis or fracture repair. 

To Use:  Simply place over the back of the cow or calf with the righs centered on the hip bones,  the cow or calf is to be centered directly below the loop on the bar.  Turn the handle on the threaded rod until the rings moves inward and is snug to the hip bone.    Rings need only be tight enough as not to slip off when the cow is raised.  To remove the lift, simly lower the animal and turn the handle in the reverse direction until the rings release from the hips.  DO NOT USE OVER 15-20 MINUTES AT A TIME.  Excessive usage may damage the pelvis. 

Will crank down to approximately 8 inches, but not recommended to use on calves.