Coveralls Micromax Loose Wrist/Ankle 412 : 3XL 25ct



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This micromax lightweight coverall is strong, wet or dry. Breathable for worker comfort. An effective barrier when protection is needed. An economical alternative to prevent and control diseases in livestock and poultry operations. Microporous protection from dirt, grease, grime and light chemical  This lightweight coverall is strong, wet or dry. 

Breathable for worker comfort.  Passed blood penetration test.  The ideal garmet where low cost, effective barrier protection is needed. Passed blood penetration test. The ideal garmet where low cost. MicroMax protective coveralls provides a true aerosol and liquid proof barrier and screens 99% of dry particulates as small as 0.35 microns. Suitable for many commercial applications such as: asbestos abatement, paint spraying, and food processing with chemicals.