Cetyl M Advanced Joint Action Dogs : 360 ct

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Uniquely designed and formulated in tablet form to support and sustain joint health and function in dogs. Used as recommended, this formula may also help ease the aches and discomfort that can occur from heavy activity, training and competition. Chewable meat-flavored tablets, formulated with natural roast beef and liver flavoring.

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Scientifically designed with cetyl myristoleate and a powerful combination of glucosamine-HCl and other joint health ingredients. A powerful 5 way joint action formula that helps relieve pain and inflammation, promote joint recovery, enhance motion and flexibility, lubricates joint structures and benefits the immune response to joint problems.

Contains an all-natural formulation balanced with 7 joint-enhancing ingredients, including Cetyl Myristoleate, Glucosamine HCl, Garlic Root and Bromelain.

Powerful all-natural formula:  Balanced with seven all natural joint-enhancing ingredients for optimum joint health.

Cetyl Myristoleate:  Unique dual source of cetyl myristoleate from plant and beef derived forms for optimum joint health and powerful 5-way joint action formula.

Glucosamine-HCl: The most potent form of Glucosamine- the key building block in connective tissues, cartilage, and synovial tissue, which helps nourish the joint.

Proprietary Formula (per tablet)

Cetyl Myristoleate.......250mg Bromelain...................10mg
Glucosamine-HCl......250mg Boswellin Extract.......7.5mg
Garlic Root..................15mg Ginger Root Extract...7.5mg
  Yucca Extract..............7.5mg
* A blend of fatty acid esters.



Garlic Root, Glucosamine-HCl, Garlic Root, Bromelain, Boswellin Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Yucca Extract, Lipase, and Natural Roast Beef and Liver Flavorings.

Feeding Recommendations:

Administer the recommended amount below in two feedings per day, preferably an hour before eating and with fresh water available at all times.

Initial Loading Period: 2 tablets per day per 25 lbs of bodyweight for 4-6 weeks (or until desired results are seen).

Maintenance Period: One (1) tablet per day per 25 lbs of bodyweight.  May leave at initial dose in sever cases or in elderly animals.

For animal use only.  Keep out of reach of children.  Store in a cool, dry area.