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The Callicrate Wee Bander is a high-tension banding tool for newborn animals. Proper and consistent band tension negates blood flow, triggering a natural pain blocking effect. Each latex rubber Wee Loop has a built-in tension lock ring for proper tightness without crimping or cutting. Spring loaded bander tension rod senses proper tightness. Loop stretcher only

Bloodless and humane. Lighweight and easy to operate. Appropriate for newborn calves, lambs and kids. Vaccinate with tetanus toxoid, according to label directions. The Callicrate Wee Bander comes with 5 Wee loops and loop stretcher.   

Step 1 – Load the Callicrate ‘WEE’ Loop
• At the handle end, rotate the tension rod counter clockwise from the locked position
  so the hook faces up and the handle slides in and out freely.
• Grasp the Callicrate ‘WEE’ BanderTM at the handle end with your hand cupped over
  the end of the tension rod.
• Insert Callicrate ‘WEE’ LoopTM into nose of bander and push the spring loaded tension
  rod forward and engage the metal hook with the loop.
                                                                     Engage Hook

Step 2 – Expand the Callicrate ‘WEE’ Loop
• Turn the ‘WEE’ Bander over using thumb to hold the loop on the bander
  nose and a finger to keep the release lever in place.
• Using the Callicrate Loop Stretcher or your fingers, stretch the ‘WEE’ Loop
  over the pegs as shown. The loop is now ready to apply above the testicles.
                             Loop stretcher
                                                            Return to upright position

Step 3 – Place 'WEE' Loop on Animal
• With ‘WEE’ Bander right side up, slip BOTH testicles thru expanded loop
• Push the loop release lever down and away from side bar to release the loop and capture
  testicles in the loop.
    Caution: Always verify that both testicles are captured before releasing the loop.
                               Release lever
   Animal lying on side

Step 4 – Apply Tension and Release
• Grasp the ‘WEE’ Bander handle firmly and draw the tension rod back until the
   yellow band is visible or until the rod hits the hard stop – proper tension is now achieved.
• Once tension is applied, let go of the tension rod. The tension rod will snap back and
   release the ‘WEE’ Loop from the hook, allowing the tool to be removed from the animal.
• Return tension rod to locked position.

Alternate Banding Method
• At Step 3, apply the loop with animal standing. You will be holding bander upside down.
• After releasing the loop around the testicles, firmly grasp the front of ‘WEE’ Bander
  with one hand and pull tension rod back with other hand.
• This method is dependent on feel to ensure BOTH testicles are captured in the loop.
  You may not be able to see the yellow band on the tension rod, so make sure the tension
  rod is pulled back until it hits the hard stop.
          Animal Standing

Safety, Maintenance, & Registration
• Always wear protective eye wear when using the Callicrate ‘WEE’ Bander™.
• The tension handle can be easily removed for cleaning by pulling straight back and
  twisting 180 degrees.
• Clean with soapy water, rinse, and dry. Spray with silicone lubricant.
• When not using the Callicrate ‘WEE’ Bander™, push the tension handle all the way
  in and turn 90 degrees to lock in place.
• The Callicrate ‘WEE’ Bander™ is a precision instrument, treat it with care to ensure
  years of trouble free service.
• Warranty: Register your Callicrate ‘WEE’ Bander™ online @