Calf Renova : 36ct

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Calf Renova from TechMix is an easy to use capsule containing a source of live (viable) naturally occurring antimicrobials and probiotics for digestive health support.  Calf Renova helps to reduce harmful bacteria and restore the gut microbiome and helps them recover their hydration status and appetite for continued growth. Available in a 12ct and 36ct.

Quickly address enteric health issues with Calf Renova, and help support recovery by enhancing intestinal microflora and encouraging dry matter intake any time that normal digestive health has been interrupted.


•  Less severity and duration of diarrhea
•  Reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics
•  Natural antimicrobial effect
•  Pleasant smell


•  Helps to clean gut of microbes which cause scouring & diarrhea
•  Powerful anitoxident for immune enhancement
•  Creates a healthy digestive environment and limits potential impact of pathogens
•  Feeds beneficial bacteria and facilitates competitive exclusion of pathogens
•  MOS - Pathogen binding
•  A non-antibiotic alternative for enteric/scours health issues

Directions for use:

During periods of or after digestive problems give 1 capsule per calf at 3 days of age or later, repeat daily if required. Do not exceed 3 consecutive days of providing capsules.