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Calf Pro by Animal Technology will give your calves the "Performance Edge" with a supplement providing coccidiosis protection from birth to weaning and vitamin fortification. Calf Pro gives immediate protection against coccidiosis infection. Calf Pro mixes easily with milk and is residue-free.

Prevention is the best way to minimize intestinal damage. Calf Pro enhances early structural growth as calves consume more starter feed.
Calf Pro provides 8 essential vitamins and offers subclinical protection against cocci infections.

Contains Bovatec (lasalocid), an early-acting coccidiocide which kills Eimeria bovis and E. zuernii before they can reproduce and cause intestinal damage.

Add to whole milk or reconstituted milk replacer to provide 1 mg of Lasalocid per 2.2 pounds (1 kg) of body weight. Each milliliter of Calf Pro will provide medication and vitamin supplementation for 5 kg or 11 lb. of calf body weight. No withdrawal.