Calf Pre RD Formula : 25lb

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Calf PreRD establishes the microbiome to promote rumen development and gut integrity at a younger age. Packed with DFMs (direct-fed microbials), Calf PreRD uses probiotics to help maintain a more desirable digestive environment, in turn helping to stave off pathogens and aid in nutrient utilization. Calf PreRD is an effective way to help calves to ease the transition to dry feed with less digestive disruption. For a calf, the transition to feed can create digestive disturbances and disrupt water and feed intake. Specifically designed to establish dry feed intake at an earlier age to help improve weaning weight and reduce digestive health issues. Also use to help support rumen development; to enhance intake and efficiency; to populate the digestive system with healthy bacteria and to help calves to be more viable when moved to a group pen.

Packed with direct-fed microbials (DFMs); uses live bacteria to help stave off pathogens and aid in nutrient utilization. Adding daily DFMs promotes faster rumen development and encourages starter intakes, both of which allow calves to gain weight more quickly, promotes increased growth rates, and wean earlier if desired. 

With enzymes; fermentation products, including live yeast; and specialized protein. With antioxidants to encourage a healthy immune system during potential impact of pathogens such as clostridia, E. coli, strep, staph and salmonella.

Directions: Designed to be mixed with milk, milk replacer or water. Should be used at a rate of 4 gm per head daily. For large volume feeding, mix 200 gm (0.44 lb) with 50 gallons of milk or milk replacer to get desired intake of 4 gm. Enclosed scoop measures approximately 4 gm when level.