Calf Choice Total Hi-Cal Colstrum Replacement : 37lbs



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Calf Choice Total Hi-Cal Colostrum Replacement is a premium colostrum product. Made only from natural bovine colostrum, without the addition of blood serum, whey or eggs. Provides 100 grams globulin protein, 48% crude protein and 23% crude fat per package. Supplies calves with the essential globulin proteins, growth factors and nutrients necessary for improved calf health, survival, growth and long term performance.

To supplement maternal colostrum, feed 1 bag or 3.4 scoops (100g IgG) from bulk pail mixed with 5 cups water.

To completely replace maternal colostrum, feed 2 bags or 6.7 scoops (200g IgG) from bulk pail mixed with 10 cups water and feed as soon as possible after birth. Calves should receive a second feeding of colostrum within 8 hours as needed. Scoop included in bulk pail.