Calf's Choice Total Colostrum Bronze : 700gm



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Calf's Choice Total Bronze is a premium colostrum product providing one dose of Calf’s Choice Total® Bronze supplies calves with the essential globulin proteins, growth factors and nutrients necessary for improved calf health, survival, growth and long term performance. Also provides additional energy. 

Made only from natural bovine colostrum, without the addition of blood serum, whey or eggs. Provides 100 grams globulin protein, 40% crude protein and 25% crude fat per package.


- Potent: a single dose fed within 6 hours of birth gives calves an average globulin protein level above the minimum required for good calf health

- Effective: contains a wide range of antibodies to common disease organisms found in North American calves

- Natural: made only from first day colostrum from healthy dairy cows - no blood, no whey, no eggs

- Balanced: contains the normal ratio of major globulin proteins found in cow's colostrum; proteins important for preventing scours and pneumonia.

- Complete: contains all of the growth factors, anti-microbials, and nutrients naturally present in cow's colostrum

- Stable: bags of Calf's Choice Total are stable for up to 3 years when stored at room temperature and kept dry


On a replacer dose basis:

Bovine Globulin Protein (min).....100g(IGg)

Globular Protein (min) ..................14.2%

Crude Fat (min)........................25%

Mix two heaping teaspoons or 1pkg(700grams) with 5 cups (1250ml)of  130degree Fahrenheit water.