Calf Baselyte 80gm: 20ct

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Calf Baselyte is a  powder that mixes easily and is readily consumed by calves. Provides beneficial microbials and prebiotics to support a healthy gut.  

Calf Baselyte is an electrolyte/nutritional supplement for calves that are dehydrated and experiencing intestinal upset. May also be used for calves during periods of stress, during shipping, off feed, hot weather, or other times listed nutrients, electrolytes, and beneficial microbial cultures are desired.

Calf Baselyte has excellent palatability and restores and maintains proper fluid levels.  It provides microbes support and re-establishes digestive health and provides colostrum for energy.

Directions for use:

Dehydrated calves, calves with diarrhea

Mix 80 grams (2 scoops) electrolyte powder with warm water to make 2 liters electrolyte solution. Feed 2 liters of resulting electrolyte solution twice daily or as a drench or with a stomach tube for calves up to 250 lbs. body weight. For calves fed milk or milk replacer, separate milk and electrolyte solution feeding by at least 30 minutes or alternately feed milk or electrolyte solution at intervals spaced evenly throughout day.

Daily feeding during hot weather

Mix at rate of 40 grams (one scoop) per gallon of drinking water to 80 grams (2 scoops) per 5 gallons drinking water.

Space feedings as evenly throughout day as possible and separate electrolyte feedings from milk / milk replacer feedings by at least 30 minutes to avoid overloading abomasum. Do not mix this electrolyte powder with milk or milk replacer. Consult veterinarian for proper drenching / tubing procedures. Discard any mixture not used immediately.