CalDensity White Label with HA :25lb (25ds)

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Use CalDensity® White Label with HA as an additional joint supplement for all classes of horses and horses in training.

CalDensity White Label with HA includes a wonderful blend of hyaluronic acid (75mg/maintenance 1.5-oz 1/2-scoop, 150mg/full strength 3-oz full scoop, and 300mg/maximum-research strength 6-oz 2 scoops), glucosamine, glucuronic acid and chondroitin sulfate. 


  • 25 lb. pail at 1 scoop a day = 133 day supply (Each scoop is 3 oz.)


  • Weanlings and Foals:  1/2 scoop 
  • Yearlings, Mares, and Stallions:  1 scoop
  • Horses in Training:  2 scoops.  

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