Calcium Propionate : 55lb

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Calcium Propionate is most commonly used as a  salt that preserves food by stopping micoorganisms, such as bacteria and molds, to reproduce. Calcium Propionate also is used to  prevent mold growth in various animal feed & agricultural applications (such as corn and grain). The use of Calcium Propionate as mold inhibitor gives direct savings by maintaining the nutritive value and elongating the period the feed products can be used. Calcium Propionate also prevents the formation of mycotoxins (poisons produced by fungi) which could otherwise cause mycosis or mycotoxicosis infections in the digestive tract or respiratory system of broilers, turkey or laying flocks. The dosage in which Calcium Propionate is used in feed applications depends on the water content/activity of the product, the initial bacterial/mold contamination, the storage temperature, the method of storage (anaerobic or aerobic) and the desired storage period. Typical dosages range from 1 to 3 kg/ton or 2 to 6 pounds/ton.

Treatment with calcium propionate also prevents heating of high moisture feed ingredients or mixed feed, especially where seasonal weather factors aggravate moisture conditions.

Calcium Propionate is also a source of energy and calcium for dairy transition cows. It has been shown that Calcium Propionate is a useful aid to prevent milk fever in cows.


Ingredients: Acid Propionic, Calcium Oxide, Activated Charcoal, Filter Aids