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Freeze branding is an ideal way of marking animals for easy and convenient identification. It involves the relatively painless process of destroying the pigment-producing cells in the hair follicles by applying intense cold to an animal's hide. This process causes the hair to grow white, thereby providing an effective identification mark on animals with darker hair.

For light colored animals, applying the freeze brand for extra time kills the hair follicle completely, leaving a bald brand, which is still easily seen.

The Brand-a-Bull kit contains one set of digit molds 0 to 9, Brand-a-Bull gun and hose, set of instructions, and a plastic squirt bottle for applying the meths or alcohol. Special brand molds to your own design can be ordered if required. CO2 is not included.  If ordering a letter or a number or a custom brand please specify in the comment box what you would like.

For the 4" we recommend getting a 4ft 1x10 board and drilling 10 holes in it and connecting it to 2  2x4 boards underneath on the ends so it makes a table for you.  Place the handle of the brands in each hole.


Freeze branding is a job that can now be done at any time or place to suit you.  Dry ice is made as required from a CO2 cylinder to the nozzle of the Brand-a-bull gun.

The ice is then produced directly into the required digit mold until it is full. The mold is applied to the hide as for a normal iron freeze brand.

There are 3 sizes of digits available and both are available as full kits which include:  the dry ice gun, delivery hose, freeze brand digits 0-9, alcohol bottle for easy cleaning and instruction manual.

In normal conditions users should get up to 15 x 3" brands per kilogram of CO2.  Fewer brands will be possible using 4" digits.