Bock's Pear Neck Tags - Numbered (1-3 Digits) : Blue w/ White Lettering



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Bock's Pear Neck Tags for cattle are made of tough, unbreakable nylon. They have engraved numbers on both sides. You can have one, two, or three digits. Available in  black, red, blue, teal/green, or orange with digits in white ink.

Bock's Pear Neck Tags. Blue tag

  • 2-1/4" x 3-1/2" size
  • 1-5 digits across
  • Engraved numbers on both sides
  • Letters available
  • Numbers come in white ink.
  • Made of tough, unbreakable nylon

Easy to use and apply. A large hole allows a chain or rope to pass through the tag for long wear. Neck ropes and chains sold separately.

The tags are sold by each. You can have 1-3 numbers on the tags. If you are going to have initials on the tags, then additional charges apply.

When ordering #'d tags specify what numbers, you would like by emailing the numbers you need.

Pear tags are also available with a 'letter' and a 'number' on the tag, please call or email for prices.