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Bock's Neck Strap Buckle is a zinc-coated steel buckle. They are supplied with each strap. Extra Buckles available on this page. Neck straps are an easy way to identify horsesBuckle only.

Bock's line of Equine Neck Straps is our major product for horses.  These straps were introduced by George Bock in the early 1970's, and are the only product of its kind available in North America. 

These Neck Straps are very popular with Vets and horse handlers, as they are used to identify, segregate, or group animals.  Neck Straps are used by Vets to match males with females, and for tracking medications. 

They are used at auction houses and large horse ranches, where they help to eliminate any language barriers with the handlers.  Auction managers appreciate the Neck Straps because of their easy application, superior legibility, and the way they enhance the appearance of the animals.  The easy on, easy off straps are very visible, with numbers on both sides of the animal.

The straps are economical, colorful, and provide multiple combinations.  They are adjustable as the animal grows, and include a steel buckle for easy attachment and removal.  The straps are available in 4 different lengths to accommodate any size of animal, from young animals (34"), to draft horses (54").  The most popular sizes are 44" and 48".  The straps are made from LDPE, a heavy duty, non-rigid plastic.  They can be purchased either as blank straps, or with Bock's Electro - Welded numbers. 

Black numbers are standard, with white or red numbers also available.  Letters may be substituted for numbers, with 1-5 digits visible on each side of the animal.  The straps are available in 7 colors: white, yellow, red, blue, green, orange, and purple.  Yellow and white straps, in standard numbers and lengths, are available to ship from stock.