BioPryn Early Pregnancy Test Kit : Cattle

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BioPryn Early Pregnancy test for Cattle is safe, accurate, and easy-to-use alternative for confirming pregnancy in livestock. Measures the presence of Pregnancy-Specific Protein B (PSPB), a protein only produced by the placenta of a growing fetus, in the blood circulation of the animal. Test will accurately identify open, non-bred animals with over 99% sensitivity. Blood samples can be submitted to any one of 40 BioPRYN® affiliate labs across the country for fast and accurate results. Heifers and cows can be tested at 28 days or later after breeding, but lactating cows must be at least 73 days after calving. Kit contains: 12 vacuum tubes, 12 needles, two reusable needle holders (interface between the tube and needle), 10 prepaid vouchers for pregnancy results, and blood collection and submission instructions.