BioElite Equine Semen Shipper



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Bio Elite Equine Semen Shipper Kit from Reproduction Provisions is a great option for shipping fresh chilled semen. The BioElite Semen comes with 2 x 60cc syringes and 29oz Phenolic Block that sits atop 2 separate inner insulated chambers for sample shipping. Each chamber isolates the sample and regulates temperature during transport. 

Shipper is manufactured using EPS styrofoam that will fully degrade over 5 years, reducing landfill waste. The outer box is a durable corrugated shipping box and the inner core is made of EPS styrofoam designed to fully biodegrade in 5 years. 


  • Convenient self closing box
  • 2 x 60cc syringes
  • 29oz Phenolic block
  • EPS styrofoam is 100% biodegradable in 5 years