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Bio-mos Milk Pak 5kg is an all natural stable supplement for livestock containing phosphorylated mannan oligosaccharide derived from the cell wall of a limited strain of yeast.

Bio-Mos Milk Pak is a source of Mannan Oligosaccarides that have the ability to bind with disease-causing bacteria. The bacteria attach to the Bio-Mos instead of attaching to the gut wall of the calf, reducing disease challenges to the calf and increasing the immune function. Bio-Mos Milk Pak can be used as a natural alternative to antibiotics to control gram negative bacteria.

Directions For Use:

 Calves: Add 1 scoop (3.6 grams) of Bio-Mos Milk Pak into milk replacer per calf per feeding (2 times daily). One pail of Bio-Mos Milk will treat 11 calves for 60 days. (Scoop Included)