Aegis Rodent Bait Station

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A sturdy weather-proof protective station that keeps rodent bait away from weather and protected from children and pets, allows mice and rats to enter station and consume the bait. Each Aegis rodent rat bait station contains vertical and horizontal bait rods that keep mini bait blocks secure inside the station and away from non target animals. Elevated rods keep mini-blocks away from moisture.

Rat and mouse behavior patterns are very different. In response to university studies conducted in England, our Aegis Rat Stations were designed specifically to cater to the feeding habits of rats. Studies conclude that rats prefer to feed in tunnels. So it's no surprise that Aegis Rat Bait Station's double-tunnel design improved rodenticide consumption by up to 57% over other bait stations on the market. Rats rarely feed in lightweight plastic bait stations. Instead, they often chew through the plastic rather than entering the box. Rats are more likely to enter the tunnels of Aegis Rat Stations, which are made of heavy-duty polypropylene. Features include:

  • Keeps bait away from children and non-target animals.

  • Unique patented double-quartered locking barbs make Aegis tamper resistant.

  • The clear lid, with transparent panel in cover, makes bait monitoring easy and efficient.

  • Technicians quickly see snakes and insects that may be hiding in the station.

  • Solid lids are available in the cool box (white) or the traditional (black).

  • All stations contain bait trays making clean-out quick and easy.

  • Rotating hinge, won't crack or break when opened in cold weather.

  • Vertical and horizontal baiting rods secure bait  inside station and away from moisture.

  • Use indoors or outdoors to provide a full range of rodent environments (commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural).

  • Anchoring slot to properly secure station.

Dimensions (in inches): Length 13 9/16, Width: 10 5/8 (including hinge),
Height (lid closed): 3 1/2, Height (lid open): 3 1/8.