Cattle Back Rubbers : 5ft

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The Back Rubber for cattle is made of tough polyester with an acrylic polypropylene rope that runs its full length.To Use: Suspend between two trees or posts. Charge with 4 gallons of insecticide-diesel fuel mixture along the length. Choices are the 5 ft backrub or the 10 ft backrub.

Products to use with back rubbers

  • Co-Ral Fly & Tick Spray
  • Permectrin CDS 
  • Permectrin II  
  • Prolate  
  • Delice Synergized  
  • Boss  

Charging a Back Rubber:

Charge the backrubber by mixing the recommended amount of recommended insecticide with fuel oil and soaking the burlap with the mixture. A backrubber will usually hold about a gallon or two of mixture.

A new backrubber should be gradually soaked to hold full charge.

Don't let cattle use a backrubber that is dripping with insecticide mixture