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Anthium Dioxcide® is an easy-to-use liquid  used to disinfect animal drinking water lines, disinfect water supply of livestock, or to control the water supply's taste and odor. Effective means to disinfect non-porous surfaces in Poultry Houses, Swine Pens, Calf Barns, and more!

Comes in 5 gal. only. Please carefully read all directions on back of Anthium Dioxcide for proper useage of the product. Not to be used in human drinking water, do not drink contaminated water. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. In case of accident or contamination, see your local poison control center or doctor for treatment advice. Learn more at

Quality drinking water helps birds stay healthier DuPontTM Anthium Dioxcide®, 5% stabilized chlorine dioxide, is an easy-to-use liquid which can be used for terminal disinfection of water lines to remove biofilm or for taste and odor control to improve water palatability. It oxidizes sulphur, phenolics, and odor causing bacteria; degrades into sodium chloride (salt) and is less corrosive than chlorine; is not temperature sensitive and resists neutralization by organics and water hardness.

Properties and Benefits of DuPontTM Anthium Dioxcide®


 • 5% stabilized chlorine dioxide

• Liquid

• Low use rate - 5 ppm

• Effective against biofilms

• Effective over wide pH range (3-10 versus chlorine 6-7)

• Taste and odor control - oxidizes sulphur, phenolics,

odor-causing bacteria



• Easy to proportion

• Powerful oxidizer - 2.6x stronger than chlorine

• Degrades to NaCl

• Less corrosive than chlorine

• Not temperature sensitive

• Resists neutralization by organics and hardness

• Will not chlorinate organics or form trihalomethanes


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