Animed AniHeal w/Sprayer : 16oz

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Animed AniHeal with Sprayer is a homeopathic hoof dressing for horses that helps maintain moisture balance and pliability.  It is a powerful penetrating formula and can be used in all weather conditions. Also used as a protective dressing for minor cuts, skin irritations and abrasions. For Horses and Dogs. 16oz

These ingredients combined form a soft, pliable barrier over the wound that sheds water, shields against secondary bacterial infections and are known to possess antiseptic qualities.


Fish Oil, Raw Linseed Oil, Spirits of Turpentine, Balsam of Fir, Sulphuric Acid.

Directions for Use:

For minor cuts, abrasions and skin irritations, apply freely to affected area twice daily. do not cover or wrap the affected area. This product can stain fabric if handled improperly. For best application results, apply to the wound and the area around the wound. To avoid residue build-up, clean the affected area with alcohol or mild soap.