Animed All Pro Probiotic : 1 lb.

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All Pro from Animed is an advanced fusion of natural premium functional carbohydrates, probiotics, active yeast cultures, and digestive factors designed to support normal and proper balance and activity of the naturally occurring digestive micro flora in the digestive system. ALL-PRO is beneficial for horses and other animals of all ages and classes to assist in normal digestive function.

Feeding Instructions:

ALL-PRO is designed to be mixed with feeds at the following rates:

Horse: Foals 1-3 small scoops daily. Adults: 2 large scoops daily.

Beef/Dairy: Calves 1-2 large scoops daily. Adults 2-3 large scoops daily.

Sheep/Goat: 1 large scoop daily.

Swine: Nursery 1/2 small scoop daily. Adults 1 large scoop daily.

Dog/Cat: 1lb-10lb body weight 1/2 small scoop daily. Over 10lb body weight 1 small scoop daily.

The large end of the enclosed scoop measures approximately 1/2 ounce.

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

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