Anileator Fogger : 110 volt

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Curtis Dynafog's Anileator ULV fogger designed with the home owner in mind. This compact hand held fogger is preset to the ideal output rate for MOSQUITO control. Adjustable tilting head allows comfort and easy use.

Combats mosquitos and other potentially dangerous insects around the home, farm, livestock and horses.  It has been shown that aerosol particle size of 10-20 microns is the optimum droplet size for applying insecticides to control flying mosquitos and West Nile Virus.  The Anileators triple nozzle breaks down liquid insecticides  into the most effective particle size (17 microns) and disperses them evenly, consequently requiring smaller amounts of chemical, providing far greater coverage at a lower cost to the consumer.  Works well with oil-based and water-based products.  Suspension of droplets can be from 2 to 2.5 hours outside and 5 to 8 hours in a greenhouse or contained area.  Suspension depends upon air temperature, thermals and wind.  Safe and quiet electric operation and no dangerous propane and heat sources.  Features a leak and spill proof tank for safe use around animals and children.  Made in USA

Whether 220V or 110v, there is no difference in delivery rate or blower operation.


No nozzle produces a single droplet size, there is always a range. Droplet size is reported in VMD (volume median diameter) which is the ‘median’—49% of the droplets are larger and 49% are smaller. At the small end, with the dual air-shear nozzles on the Anileator, there are surely 5 micron droplets. The range of droplets for this fogger is 7 to 20 microns, and the flow rate is 4.3 oz. / min. with a liquid viscosity of 1 (water). At that low flow rate the droplets will be small.


Flow rate for this fogger is ‘set’ by the in-line orifice in the formulation tube. You could reduce the flow somewhat at the low end of the valve turn, but not by much.

** Please note: we don’t have a VMD number for the droplet size from the Anileator. But considering the flow rate (low) it is probably closer to the 20 microns than the 7 microns. This fogger was designed for mosquito control, and the optimum droplet size for that target is 15 to 20 microns.