Air Tite TB 1ml Syringes with 25 x 5/8" Needles : 100ct



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Air Tite  syringes are the choice for any situation needing an inert, non-reactive syringe. Because of their composition, these syringes are indicated for Nuclear Medicine, Amniocentisis, IVF, embryo-transfer, chromatography and many laboratory procedures. They are more chemically resistant than rubber tipped syringes. These inert syringes do not contain contaminates often associated with disposables. The syringes can be used for sampling, mixing, and filtering. They are smooth drawing with a positive safety stop to prevent accidental spills. They feature accurate, easy-to-read increments.

Their dose saver design minimizes waste, saving up to 5 ml of medication per 100 syringes used, as compared to non low deadspace Luer syringes (Actual savings may vary). For Veterinary and Laboratory use only. Air-Tite Brand syringes with mounted needles are of the highest quality, yet are economical. Manufactured in China to our exacting specifications. The Luer Lock tip of this 1cc syringe fits conventional and safety needles. Regular wall needles are more rigid than thin wall needles, providing extra support and less flex due to added annula thickness. This hypodermic needle is a hollow needle used for withdrawing fluid like blood samples, or injecting medications.