A.I. Artificial Insemination Gun Warmer : Battery Only

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An A.I. gun warmer that eliminates cooling that is known to hurt the semen. Carrying multiple guns speeds up the job without the temperature drop. Provides a comfortable, hygenic place to carry guns. If warmer is stored at room temperature than it takes 3 to 5 mins to heat up. Gun Warmer Instructions under the 'Download' tab. Free Shipping on the Gun Warmer Kit. Within the US

Includes: 12V rechargeable battery, belt/shoulder strap, 100V AC wall adaptor, 12V DC auto adaptor, spare liner.

Choose the batteries or replacement strap in the drop box beside Size/Type

Extra Gun Warmer Battery and the Strap are special order items, allow extra shipping time. Normal ship time is 7 to 10 days

Replacement charger also available. Chargers are now made for the newer style gun warmer, they are for the battery pack that is in a white shrink wrap.

The warmer is being used in a variety of ways.  For daily breeding:  loading guns in one location and walking to the cows, one guy straps it to his four wheeler, some work with it out of their truck or golf cart. It's being used in mobile (trailer) chutes.

It has also been used for breeding a herd of synchronized cows:  using two warmers, one guy was thawing and loading guns into a warmer, while another guy was breeding out of the other warmer.That way, when the breeder ran out of loaded guns he could swap warmers with the loader.

Some people, rather than loading a bunch of guns, are putting empty sheaths in the warmer, then dropping a thawed straw into each sheath, then putting the gun into the sheath over the straw.  This way they can carry just one gun.  We are told this technique works well as long as the straw is cut square on the bottom.

A microprocessor continuously monitors the temperature inside the unit and activates the heater as required.  The temperature is maintained at 95 degrees F, plus or minus 3 degrees (92 - 98 degF) and is very stable.  The unit does not require adjustment or calibration.  Tight tolerance components are used in the product to accomplish this. 

  • Built in 14.4 volt battery and charger.
  • 110VAC wall outlet
  • 12VDC auto cig. lighter

Indicator light tells you when the temperature in the warmer is correct without the hassle of using a thermometer.

The warmer is made of heavy grade DuPont Cordura nylon. You can clean and disinfect all surfaces of the warmer.

The interior of the warmer is covered with a liner that can be removed and machine washed.  Comes with two liners.


Warmer temperature:           95degF  +/- 3deg
Air temp:          Works down to -20 degF.
Battery Charging:     Full charge in 12 hours (overnight)
Freestall barns:  walking from the thaw to the cows.
 DAIRY:  Outdoor pens:  working from a vehicle or walking.
  Chutes:  hang next to chute for easy access.
HEIFERS/BEEF CATTLE When breeding large numbers, use two warmers:  breed out of one while another man loads the other.
 HOW DOES IT HELP? Eliminates cooling that is known to hurt the semen. Carrying multiple guns speeds up the job without the temperature drop. Provides a comfortable, hygenic place to carry guns.
WHAT IS IT?  It is a temperature controlled carrying case for loaded AI guns. It keeps the guns at the correct  temperature of 95 degrees F.  It is fully portable.  You can wear it on belt or shoulder strap.  You can hang it from a chute, fence or truck etc.
Troubleshooting found under the download tab.