Achieve Powder Plus Cryptex : 4000 gm



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Newborn calves often experience conditions where ingestion of manure, dirt or bedding can expose them to pathogenic bacteria or viruses.  Calves are born with limited immunity and must rely on adequate passive transfer from the mother through colostrum.

Unfortunately, calves do not always get the colostral globulin proteins (antibodies) they need for protection from disease-causing pathogens.  In those situations ACHIEVE can offer calves assurance of a stronger start needed to reach their potential.

Achieve can be fed to calves 24 hours after birth or later at the first signs of stress, or used  as part of a structured calf management program during the first 14 days of life to get calves off to a good start.

 High quality targeted proteins help bolster essential natural immunity during the first few days of life.

Contains glutamin-amino acid that provides energy for intestinal cells and enhances glucose absorption.  Gutamine supplementation is essential for integrity of the small intestine.

Supplies beneficial bacteria that help promote optimal intestinal health. 

Supplies inulin-a fructo-oligosaccharide that has been shown to promote growth of benefical bacteria and decrease the amount of pathogens such as ecoli and clostridium in the intestine.

contains Cryptex...scientifically formulated matrix composed of polysaccharide and thermally activated carbon which acts to remove pathoogenic toxins form the intestine.

800 gram=5 calves

4000 gram=25 calves

8000 grams=50 calves