Captivator Fly Trap :2qt

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Captivator® Fly Trap, is a heavy-duty, reusable and economical plastic jar comes complete with 1 tube of attractant. Just squeeze attractant into jar and add water. Captivator® Fly Trap's one-way entry system keeps flies in the trap and its 2 quart capacity means minimal maintenance. 

Insecticide free, patented feeding and sex attractant is irresistable to annoying flies.

The  reusable jar holds up to 20,000 flies. Patented formula contains 3 feeding attractants plus a fly sex pheromone that flies can't resist. For outdoor use only. Each 2 qt trap comes with one 15 ml tube of attractant. Refill attractants are also sold separtely.

Pheromones and feeding stimulates lure flies to traps, flies mate higher than feeding level, lower than resting level. Hang along fence lines, sheds, calf hutches, and other areas for best results.

Keep out of reach of children.