Bovilis Vista 5 L5 SQ CFP 20ml : 10ds



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Bovilis Vista 5 + L5 SQ CFP from Merck Animal Health is for the vaccination of healthy cows and heifers, 6 months of age or older, prior to breeding as an aid in the reduction of abortion due to IBR; as an aid in the prevention of fetal infection, including persistently infected calves caused by BVD (Types 1 and 2). Can be used as an aid in preventing leptospirosis and as an aid in prevention of urinary shedding of L. hardjo organisms.
DosageInject 2cc SQ. Calves nursing immune-dams should be vaccinated when maternal antibody levels will allow active immunization. Revaccinate annually.
21 day w/d. Do not use in pregnant cows or in calves nursing pregnant cows

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