Vira Shield 6 + VL5 HB 50ml : 10ds



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Vira Shield 6 + VL5 HB from Elanco Animal Health is for the vaccination against  IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV (KV), Campylobacter Fetus, plus five strains of lepto in combination with L. hardjo bovis.

For use in all classes of cattle, even pregnant cows and calves nursing pregnant cows. 10ds

Indications: For protection against IBR, BVD, PI-33, BRSV, Lepto 5 (including Hardjo and Bovis). The only vaccine with 3 BVD isolates - noncytopathic (NCP) Type 1, NCP Type 2 and cytopathic (CP) Type 1. Safe for pregnant cows. First and only inactivated viral vaccine with Lepto hardjo and bovis.
Dosage and Administration: Administer 5 ml subcutaneously 2-4 weeks prior to breeding. Revaccinate in 4-5 weeks. Revaccinate annually or as recommended by your veterinarian.

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