Vink EZ Hip Lift



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The Vink Cow Lift is an essential tool for every dairy farm. This lift can easily be adjusted for any size cow and can help save the cow that cannot stand. It has a unique design using nylon padding prevents bruising around hipbone when lifting cow. Heavy-duty construction with double-tubed galvanized frame ensures long and trouble-free service. Adaptable to all barns and presentations. Features removeable handle which fits on both sides of the spindle. Vink Cow Lift is for helping cows unable to get up due to milk fever or calving paralysis, and to assist in the replacement of prolapsed uteruses. Gets cows back on their feet with a fully adjustable lift. To help a downed cow, bring the apparatus around the hips of the animal and turn the spindle tight. Lift the animal slowly up so that it can stand up easily. As soon as the animal is standing, take the tension off the cable, and it will hold the animal so that it does not fall sideways. Cow lift is constructed so that, with proper use, it will not cause bruising around the hipbone.