Ultra Saber Pour-On: 5Lt



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Ultra Saber from Merck Animal Health is a synergized formula with lambdachyalothrin and piperonyl butoxide for use in horn fly control on beef cattle and calves. The enhanced insecticidal activity of synergized Lambdacyhalothrin allows quick knockdown and extended duration of efficacy against horn flies, PBO Makes Ultra Saber Fast Acting and longer lasting! new 5Lt size! Limited Supply


·         For season-long control of horn flies and lice in beef cattle with one application.1

·         Ready to use pour-on.1

·         Contains piperonyl butoxide (PBO), which is a synergist that enhances insecticidal activity.2

·         The combination of PBO and lambda-cyhalothrin results in strong, longer activity.

·         Provides rapid knockdown of flies and reduction in fly pressure – from 99% to 87% reduction for 8 weeks.1

·         ULTRA SABER POUR-ON INSECTICIDE should be used as part of an integrated pest management system with the use of other pest control practices.


Apply down the backside of the animal at the rate of 10ml per animal 600# or less, and 15ml for animals 600# and up. The quart treats 90 550-lb. cattle or one U.S. gallon 378 550-lb. cattle.

Do not apply it to lactating or dry dairy cows. Do not apply - this product to face of beef cattle or calves


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