Stone Pro Rotary Standard 5 Chain Tattoo Outfit 3600

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Stone- MODEL 3600 Pro Rotary 5 chain Standard...Make thousands of animals in comfort-without repeating yourself.  Better herd management with thousands of combinations possible...up to 5 digits across. 

Thousands of 5 digit combinations, fast, easy advance to next number, nylon rollers and pawls, brass digit plastes with nickel-plated steel needles that punch clear tattoos.  Sturdy cast aluminum alloy construction built to last.  Double action handle, bites deep, with short, easy pull to prevent forearm fatigue.  Heat treated sideplates. Outifit includes pliers, 3/8" digits 0-9 along with two blanks and ink.

Also available:

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#3700 Pro Rotary Standard model with 4 chains/4digits across

#3705 Pro Rotary Custom model fill in the letter number combination on 4 chains/4 digits across

#3500 Rotary Standard model with 4chains/4digits across

#3505 Rotary Custom fill in the letter number combination on 4 chains/4digits across

If you would like a custom model please specify in comment box or call in.